Here is what our customers are saying...

I bought sugar free chocolates for my wife for our anniversary. When I encountered a shipping problem (of my own making, I’m quick to add) it was handled quickly and a second box arrived in time.

Thanks Nancy!

And the chocolates are excellent, according to my wife. I haven’t been allowed near them.

--Jeff B.

I just received my chocolate-covered potato chips. They are out of this world and I will be ordering from you again. Thanks for making my birthday extra special! - Linda A.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I got the package and the chocolate is perfect! I will definitely recommend your chocolate to all my friends. -- Mickie C.

Love Love Love the Vegan chocolate!!!! I order for every holiday!! My Vegan kids can't wait to dive into it!!!! Thank you so much!
Pam Tucson

both the vegan chocolates that my daughter and i love and the sugar-free chocolates that my boyfriend (low-carb diet) enjoys are incredible. i commend your company's efforts in offering incredible products for those of us with special requirements. if i wasn't so concerned about my waist size, i'd probably live on your chocolates alone!!! L.L., MA

Excellent cheesecake and I highly recommend the cheesecake and you for your great customer service. --Beth B, Arab, AL

The client received the chocolates as was really pleased. Thank you for your assistance on such short notice! --- Elizabeth S., New York

Just wanted to let you know some of the comments I've heard about the chocolates....

Kim said that the chocolate covered cherries are very good, very rich and please send more!! :)

Janet just said MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM as she let the chocolate slowly desolve in her mouth!

Ginny said they are wonderful!

I personally don't like cherries, however, they were getting such great reviews I just had to try one (Kim let me try one of hers) and I must say ...I really enjoyed them too!

The teddy bears haven't been broken yet...I think the winners feel they are to cute to eat!!

Your chocolates are absolutely wonderful!! Thank you again for donating for our teacher appreciation. We would love to have indulgeinchocolate.com sponsor our teacher appreciation again next year!!

thanks again,
Wendy Warner
Ave Maria House

Thank you very much for the great service. The chocolates that I ordered were a huge hit with my wife on Valentine's Day. I greatly appreciate you for making the day a good day.
--Eric Brown

Thank you for sending a replacement order. My sister, the recipient was very pleased with the product. It was packaged nicely, the card was nice and handwritten and the shipper had included a chocolate heart "the size of my palm", we assume, as a "sorry" item. We were both very pleased with the response from you on this matter and with the product. Thank you again for attending to the lost shipment so promptly.
-- Sally Regan

One never knows what to expect when ordering from the web. You are truly a pleasant surprise. We are having our vegan monthly potluck Saturday night and i will be sure to spread the word about how wonderful you are at customer service.

I had purchased your vegan choc box and LOVED it. I particularly loved the coconut cremes. Is it possible to order a box of just coconut creme vegan chocolates? Thanks!! ----Loree L., Massachusetts

First details that sold me on the chocolates is the "all natural ingredients", like butter, there is no hydrogenated oils in these! I purchased them for my wife and she states they are excellent. I will be buying again, thanks for the great chocolates!
Clint Heiser...Liverpool, PA

..the wrapped heart shape one is my favorite. It is so smooth and creamy tasting. I must say "Better than Hershey Chocolate".
Nannette D. , Harrisburg, PA

Thank you very much for the delicious chocolate. What a nice surprise. It really is exceptionally good and creamy!
Cathleen Howard, New Jersey

The chocolates were received by Mom and she says they are incredible! Thank You.
Marcy Luigi

The Christmas chocolates I ordered were wonderful!!! It is so difficult to find vegan chocolate that tastes good. I have two vegan children. so happy to have found your web site. Thank you so much

- Pam

I recently ordered a (large) vegan assortment for my wife for Valentine's Day from IndulgeInChocolate.com. We were both delighted and surprised with the high quality of all the chocolates we (greedily)consumed. Everything was delicious. We have tried other online sources of vegan chocolates and not been that impressed so this was a refreshing experience. We will definitely order from them again.

--Peter D. New York, NY

My husband bought me a box for Valentine's Day and I loved them. Being on a low carb diet..and an avid chocolate lover, your sugar free chocolates are a dream come true for me. It is impossible to tell that they are sugar free and I'll certainly be sharing with my Mom, sister and others as well. Thank you for making these available for those of us that don't use sugar.