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Rose City Chocolates - Gourmet Belgian Chocolates

A gourmet chocolate lovers delight - Rose City Chocolates Signature collection. Delicate textures and complex flavors unite in this extraordinary collection. You or the person you are giving them to will be amazed by them. They make a perfect gift for every occasion and every chocolate lover.

Made by a small family owned chocolatier in northern Belgium. These chocolates are all natural, no artificial flavors, fillers, colors or preservatives are used. The chocolate coverture contains 100% cocoa butter giving them a richness not found in lesser quality chocolates. No hydrogenated vegetable oils are used to replace the cocoa butter.

A collection of dark, milk and white chocolate specialties, each collection has all unique flavor combinations, with great hazelnut praline, flavored ganache, caramel and fruit fillings!

Gourmet chocolates from Rose City use flavorings made from nature itself - orange flavor from concentrated orange, nut flavors from nuts and liqueur flavors from the original name brands.

And... They're Fresh! They haven't been sitting on a store shelf or in a warehouse for months...they're just weeks away from their production date.

A must try for chocolate lovers everywhere.

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