Dairy Free

Dairy Free Chocolates - Dairy Free Chocolate Candy

These milk free, gluten free and nut free chocolates are manufactured using a blend of roasted cocoa beans along with the finest ingredients.

Whether you have food allergies, peanut allergy, tree nut allergy, milk allergy, egg allergy or any other reason, these chocolates are sure to impress.

All of the chocolate is lactose free, vegetarian, and egg free. As a matter of fact every ingredient that is closely scrutinized and randomly lab tested to ensure that it is indeed dairy free and nut free. All of the milk free chocolates and nut free chocolates on this page are also Kosher Pareve. There is simply no other Pareve chocolate available that is comparable. Try them!

All ingredients are carefully scrutinized for the presence of milk or nut and these are not allowed into the manufacturing facility. Lab tests are randomly checked as well.