Cocoa Truffles

Cocoa Dusted Truffles | Belgian Cocoa Truffles

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Imported from Belgium, these hand-rolled truffles are a chocolate lover’s dream. A silky, creamy filling is encased in a rich blend of dark chocolate, and then lightly dusted in pure cocoa giving way to a total sensory immersion.

The real Belgian truffle with its soft bite and smooth interior is the worldwide standard for gourmet truffles. Here in North America, the term "truffle" is used very loosely and chocolates called truffles are typically round and mountain-shaped with a rich and smooth chocolate center made from dark cocoa, heavy cream and sugar, which in Belgium is called a ganache.

The traditional truffle originated in Belgium and was called so because the chocolate looked like the mushroom of the same name. Every center is made with the freshest ingredients, containing the rich taste of premium Belgian chocolate. Get ready for a chocolate explosion that will seduce your taste buds into submission.

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