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There are few candies that are as mysterious and highly regarded as chocolate truffles. When people think of truffles, they often picture either a romantic evening, or a woman having a night in all to herself.

You can get an amazing number of flavors in truffles. The filling can be just about anything, from more chocolate, to fruit flavors such as orange or raspberry. Coffee and other flavors are also popular. You can get truffles in any kind of chocolate you like as well.

Truffles really are a wonderful treat with a delicious surprise inside every one.

Our chocolate truffles come in an explosion of delightful flavors such as raspberry, rich amaretto, smooth champagne, soft caramel, and nutty hazelnut. This delicious confection is composed of a velvety ganache, skillfully cloaked in dark and milk chocolate that will literally melt in your mouth.

An exciting blend of classic and exotic fresh ingredients will arouse your senses, leaving you in sheer ecstasy.

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