Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chocolate Covered Cherries - Cherry Cordials

The Chocolate covered cherry - Everyones Favorite Chocolate Candy...

Just when you thought chocolate couldn't get any better, indulge your senses in a seductive love affair with our most popular collection and the world's finest chocolate covered cherries.

The exquisitely sweet flavor of fresh cherries enveloped in silky chocolate will linger on the tip of your tongue long after the chocolate has gone.

Rose City Brand There is something special for everyone who loves chocolate covered cherries. A delicate dark chocolate shell draped around a sinfully sweet liquid cordial cherry center for a burst of incredible flavor, bite after irresistible bite. Each piece is individually wrapped in bright red foil which speaks simply yet boldly of what it conceals. We call them the worlds finest. Taste one and you will know why.

Parfections - Chocolate covered cherry cordials with a hint of cherry brandy.

We now offer sugar free chocolate covered cherries from Illinois Nut & Candy. These are perfect for those who love cherry coridals but cannot have sugar, or want sugar free.

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